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Welcome to Crossfire Lacrosse!


At Crossfire, our mission is to provide the highest quality coaching in a positive, cost efficient, competitive lacrosse environment, to focus on developing our players to their maximum potential, while promoting sportsmanship, and honoring the sport of Lacrosse. 
In our summer program we focus on developing stick skills, learning proper techniques, game strategy and fostering good sportsmanship.  You'll average two practices every week through the season. 
We also periodically offer clinics to focus on specialized skills. 
Crossfire believes there is tremendous player development opportunities when 1) they compete and play with other quality players from different schools and 2) they are coached by other experienced and quality coaches from other teams and areas.  

We welcome the opportunity to invest in players from all of the surrounding public and private schools as well as players who are home or hybrid-schooled. Managing and promoting an elite lacrosse program like Crossfire is not easy nor would we claim to ever be perfect. We do however commit ourselves to professionalism, good communication and organization with all of our parents and players. We both love the sport and the opportunity to help the sport of lacrosse grow by improving the skills and Lax IQ of all of our players.
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